GALENO Engineering è in grado di eseguire la diagnosi energetica secondo quanto richiesto dalla norma.

With Legislative Decree No. 102 of July 4, 2014 Italy has implemented Directive 2012/27 / EU Energy Efficiency.

The focal points are:

  1. Promotion of Energy Efficiency: the public, industry, and private transport;
  2. Periodic updating of the national targets for energy efficiency;
  3. Mandatory system of energy efficiency;
  4. Obligation of Energy Emission and promoting the adoption of energy management systems ISO 50001;
  5. Training and information regarding energy efficiency.

The energy audit specified in paragraph 4 must be made before December 5, 2015, and then every four years, to:

  • large companies: companies employing more than 250 persons and whose annual turnover exceeds 50 million Euros or whose annual balance sheet total exceeding 43 million euro;
  • energy-intensive businesses: businesses with an annual energy consumption of more than 2.4 GWh of energy cost and impact on annual sales greater than or equal to 3% (art. 39, paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree no. 83/2012);

The results of the diagnosis should be communicated to ENEA which has the obligation to verify the proper execution for companies subject to a selection of the annual report of the 3% and 100% of diagnoses made by internal auditors to the company.

There are fines from 4,000 to 40,000 Euros in the case of non-operation of the energy audit, or from 2,000 to 20,000 euro if the diagnosis is not made in accordance with the standard.

GALENO Engineering is able to perform energy audits as required by the standard.