Galeno Engineering

GALENO ENGINEERING carries on business in the design of systems of environmental interest, in environmental impact assessment, preparation of all necessary documentation logo_engfor the issuance of environmental permits, safety and practicability, in the sampling and analysis of water, air, asbestos, waste, polluted sites, noise, vibrations, in the implementation of quality systems and in staff training.



▲ design and dimensioning of abatement systems;
▲ calculating the fallout of pollutants through the use of mathematical models and calculations to the computer;
▲ preparation of the technical documentation necessary to obtain authorizations, analysis and control of emissions (Legislative Decree 152/2006) and entries;
▲ calculate the Carbon Footprint.

▲ design of sewage treatment plants waste water, drinking water, process;
▲ preparation of the technical documentation necessary to obtain the authorizations;
▲ analysis and control of water intended for human consumption (Legislative Decree 31/2001), wastewater (Legislative Decree 152/2006), of surface water from rivers, lakes and sea (DPR 470/1982 and D. Decree 152/2006) and swimming pool water (UNI 10637).

▲ assessment of the state of conservation of roofing cement-asbestos (DM 06.09.1994 and UNI 10608);
▲ work plan for the removal and remediation (Legislative Decree 257/2006);
▲ waste classification (Legislative Decree 152/2006).

▲ design and preparation of technical documentation required for obtaining the authorizations to the disposal and recovery of waste;
▲ sampling, analysis and classification of waste (Resolution 27.07.1984 CI, DM 03.08.2005, Legislative Decree 152/2006), reusable non-hazardous waste (DM 05.02.1998) and dangerous (DM 161/2002).

▲ plan characterization of contaminated sites (DM 471/1999, Legislative Decree 152/2006);
▲ preliminary draft remediation;
▲ final draft reclamation.

▲ Measurement of electromagnetic fields generated by power lines and antennas.

▲ studies soundproofing;
▲ acoustic zoning (Law 447/1995);
▲ measure emissions and noise immission in the external environment and housing (Law 447/1995, DPCM 14.11.1997, DM 16.03.1998, Legislative Decree 195/2006).

▲ studies and environmental impact assessments (Prime Ministerial Decree 377/1988, DPR 12.04.1996, Legislative Decree 152/2006).

▲ Design and preparation of the necessary documentation for obtaining the Integrated Environmental (Legislative Decree 59/2005, Legislative Decree 152/2006).


▲ Risk assessment, preparation of the assessment document and audits;
▲ chemical risk assessment;
▲ risk assessment from explosive atmospheres (ATEX);
▲ protection chemicals, carcinogenic, mutagenic and biological agents;
▲ control of hazardous substances (asbestos, PCBs and ozone);
▲ assistance for safety signs in the workplace and for the selection of personal protective equipment;
▲ security plans;
▲ fire design for obtaining the Fire Prevention Certificate;
▲ assessment of the risk of fire;
▲ preparation of emergency plans;
▲ assessment accident hazards, notification, system security management, audit (Seveso Directive);
▲ performance of the functions of a consultant for the safe transport of dangerous goods;
▲ preparation of technical documentation for obtaining the certificate of occupancy;
▲ courses of information and training for workers, responsible for the service of prevention and protection, responsible for worker safety, emergency response teams and fire fighting, first aid teams, managers and supervisors with the release of regular attendance certificate.



Support services for the implementation of:
▲ systems of quality management according to UNI EN ISO 9001;
▲ environmental management systems according to UNI EN ISO 14001;
▲ gestioneper energy systems according to UNI EN ISO 50001;
▲ environmental management systems in accordance with Regulation 761/2001 EMAS;
▲ safety management systems comply with OHSAS 18001 and UNI 10617;
▲ management systems of social responsibility SA 8000;
▲ integrated management systems for quality, environment, safety and hygiene;
▲ quality systems for the accreditation of laboratories according to ISO / IEC 17025;
▲ systems analysis and risk assessment for food and identification of critical points in the production process (HACCP) as required by Legislative Decree 155/97 (SELF);
▲ management systems of product and supply chain systems integrated with the system (HACCP).



▲ Training for:
– Workers,
– Involved,
– Managers,
– Truck operators,
– In charge of prevention and protection,
– Representatives of workers’ safety,
– Fire and emergency team,
– First aid team.
▲ Training, in cooperation with accreditation bodies, of quality systems conform to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, UNI 10617, SA 8000, ISO / IEC 17025.
▲ Training of HYGIENE AND HEALTH FOOD according to Legislative Decree 155/1997 for workers and managers HACCP.
▲ Training Centre AIFOS