Protect the health and human safety, save the environment

This is the mission of  Galeno Group of Ortona (Chieti). The Galeno Group was founded  in 1976 and initially began as a chemical analysis laboratory in the Abruzzo region operating in the waters. In 1981 also he activated a laboratory chemical-clinical and microbiological analyzes for human diagnostics. In the following years, with evolving environmental regulations and safety they are initiated and developed other laboratories of chemical, physical and microbiological analysis as well as a wide range of services for companies, public bodies and citizens. Today the Group Galen is one of the most significant national organizations offering integrated services to companies in the fields of environmental protection and safety in the workplace and operates through three companies, each specializing in a specific area of ​​prevention. It employs a staff of over forty highly qualified technicians (chemists, doctors, biologists, engineers, laboratory technicians, chemists, electronics, information and economists) each possessing a specific specialization and laboratories and offices with a total area 2,000 sqm. The professionals, the facilities, the sophisticated scientific equipment, databases, partnerships and agreements with universities, Confindustria, Standardization Bodies and NHS guarantee performance that place the Group Galen forefront in areas evolving technological and regulatory .