Galeno SAS

GALENO sas logo_sas_smallit is a health facility accredited by the National Health Service and manages a CLINICAL LABORATORY OF CHEMICAL AND MICROBIOLOGICAL and service of Occupational Medicine.

The LAB, authorized by the Abruzzo region, is active since 1980 and thanks to the qualification of the personnel (Doctors specialists, biologists, chemists, laboratory technicians, nurses), to sophisticated equipment to hygiene and health diagnostic services ensures high reliability.


The Laboratory performs chemical-clinical and microbiological analyzes of blood, urine and biological samples in general:
▲ Allergology
▲ Cytology
▲ Determination of trace metals
▲ DNA Fingerprinting
▲ Dosage of drugs
▲ Blood chemistry
▲ Hematology
▲ immunometry
▲ Histology
▲ Microbiology
▲ Parasitology
▲ Serology
▲ Toxicology

Occupational Medicine

The Structure Health also provides services in the field of Occupational Medicine with:

▲ perform the function of Company Doctor
▲ execution of preventive medical examinations and periodic
▲ surveys and inspections in the workplace
▲ training and information of workers and first aid teams;

Specialized Medicine

▲ cardiac examination and electrocardiogram
▲ VISIOTEST and eye exams
▲ spirometric tests
▲ audiometric
▲ ultrasound and radiology